Sunday, 7 September 2014

Photo Friday !

I jumped on a plane as planned to visit the tropical island of Sri Lanka ! Plumbing supplies anyone ?
Queen is the leader of about 40 elephants ...
The elephants have been rescued from working in the timber industry .
Every 2nd day the elephants are taken on a walk thru town , and down to a river for a swim and play time..
Pet Snake ? This dude wanted me to hold it.. ah no thanks... its a very deadly boa constrictor.. and he has a python in his lap...
beautiful women in traditional Sri Lankan dress ..
Lots of British styled buildings still standing around the small country. this is Fort Galle
There are lots of monuments around the country in memory of the tsunami .. Almost everyone on the island lost someone.. There are grave sites all along the coast.. People are all still wanting to talk about it.. I am sure its still a healing process that will last generations .  
Of course traveling by motorcycle every few days its a trip to a petro station.
I have quickly grown to like the country.. its a slow island life where drivers stop to let others walk across the street.. friendly, and relaxed.. Tourists go about there days without locals trying to cash in ... They say everyone still carries a sadness from the tsunami.. Tuesday I fly back to India ...  knowing I will return to Sri lanka ..