Friday, 26 August 2011


It's going to take a long time before I become a soccer fan! (football)
The hotel girls are "usually" really great at doing my laundry. Because of
some fly that lays eggs on the clothes while they're hanging to dry, everything
is ironed, even socks.

The laundry girls all had a great laugh at their mistake. Underwear I gave
them to clean said, "Manchester United" across the top red elastic band. My
problem is that the clean pair of underwear I was now wearing said:

I sent that pair of underwear for the trash real fast!!!

Thursday, 18 August 2011


Congo Internet sucks, so I will be quick:
I hit a car in Gabon, took out his tail lights, a molding, and dented his fender. I managed to keep the bike on two wheels. After a short screaming match, I decided he was at fault for bad parking. The guy, confused, decided we best not call police. I gave him $30.00 and left for the panel beaters to hammer out the dents.
The other side leaks also.
 It's going to take some 2 inch foam rod and a case of silicone to fix this when I return !!

The Road to the Congo border. After some haggling, the Congo Border officials gave up
on ways to charge extra money to cross the border. Happy to enter without paying out any bribes!
 I spent several days riding to the sandy coast of Gabon to see surfing hippos. The locals let me know it's more of a myth than fact. The BBC waited months to get the surfing hippos on film, probably after chasing them into the sea. Not sure if spending $500.00 to see gorillas being fed in a pen is a great way to revive tourism.

The National highway, described as difficult and dangerous is home to Ninga Warriors. They are still causing chaos long after their civil war ended.  I bought a security guy along the way a beer, and I convinced him it was okay to let me check out his AK 47. Interested, like most people are as to why I would ever want to come to a place most would do anything to leave, I am allowed to continue on. Usually security stops vehicles and makes them travel in groups for safety, but they decided to let me travel alone.
No GO Garth!

With a crumbling infrastructure, limited accommodations, roadside food vendors with the usual wood plank for a bench, or at best a resin chair, I am still surprised. The DRC / Zaire embassy would not take a bribe after several attempts at getting a visa. My options are now limited. Travelling the national highway again back to Pointe Noire, I have hopes for Angola's 5 day transit visa. Let's wait and see.

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First bit of pavement I saw in weeks!