Friday, 7 November 2014

Burma / Myanmar

Hi Guys , Sorry for the delay in a blog update .. emails are more personal I know , but  sometimes a quick post with pictures can give some reference to where I am. About 10 days ago I entered Myanmar with 10 other riders from Australia , England, Iceland, Russian, Dutch, German and myself. Its interesting traveling in such a big group and with other riders every day.. no conflict,  we do all have a common desire to travel , learn , enjoy a few laughs, meet new people , so its a nice change ...
Next week the tour of Myanmar will be over and we will all go our separate ways again , for myself I look forward to touring Thailand for the first time. Many people speak great things of the country and the food .. so I expect to spend up to 2 months there .. Hiking in the north and kicking back on the beach in the south .