Monday, 16 November 2015


Roaming, not a word we often use in the USA , but it seems to be just what I am doing again ! I love Roaming... its only been a few short weeks since I left Issaquah and I have settled into things just great.. Yes the BMW sounds like a tractor :( and I had a flat tire after 200 miles on my new tires.. but I will roam closer to services so when the last mile does come on the motorcycle I can always decide on more money spent, or spend even more and buy a new motorcycle.

I can honestly say I have not been doing a whole lot .. unless chilling out on a beach reading a book counts for much.. then I have been very busy.. ! The idea of riding into Vietnam with my motorcycle has passed .. It seems to be just to much of a risk to have a foreign bike in the country.. Over 11,000 people die of motorcycle accidents each year in Vietnam and over 30,000 serious motorcycle injuries .. Bribing a border agent can be done, but I decided to just do as most others do and get in a boat, or hire a driver .. and go..
The Vietnam Consulate in Sihanoukville said come back tomorrow for the visa ! fast and easy .. love it..

Now I am in Cambodia , Otres Beach .. its far enough away from any big activity, and still close enough to meet other over landers ..Parked on the beach is Sten & his wife who traveled just as extensively as I have. They have a interest in the Silk Road also, and do a much better job of blogging than I do .. check it out at : They are also better at photography !

Every trip starts and ends different than the last. January 2011 when I first left Germany thru West Africa I was studying paper maps and looking for a cyber cafĂ© to read emails ... The motorcycle was loaded with everything I could imagine....
What 60,000 miles have taught me .. HA .. I now carry a spare regulator, spare fuel pump, spare rectifier, fork seals, . a cell phone with unlimited data, Pandora , texting , ( T Mobile ) . No need for Garmin when there are awesome apps like : .. Swiss Mountaineering cloths from  FJALL Raven are also a big improvement .. from the expensive, heavy,  BMW gear..

Last week I met MR Sary here in Cambodia.. he was shocked to see the Washington State plate on the bike.. he also has a home in Bellevue WA.. who knows he may help me see that what I need is a home in Cambodia.. I did like his cell phone with 4 sim cards.. and may add one to my bucket list of improvements for Over Land travel.. There is also a trip planned to the Phnom Penh Airport where Cambodia has its first Star Bucks !! I usually stock up on beans when I get the chance.

I made a visit to the Museum of Labor ! soon followed by beer and a burger.. that will end any thoughts of work for the rest of the year !

Home in Issaquah seems to be evolving every time I return from a trip.. Unfortunately I did not spend time with old friends on motorcycle trips around the Seattle area,, Sorry guys !! I love Seattle, just tired of the same repeat rides .. The beer stops and hanging out are still the best part ..
Lots of new and old visitors to Seattle this year, thank you for your friendship !! 

I did get to meet new friends thru Elvis Munis and his time with Earth Corps .. There are 10 internationals in Seattle thru December. One man is Tsering, he is the son of a Sherpa from Nepal , and one of the first graduates from the Sherpa Education Fund / via Outside Magazine !
His home town is called Thamo , which was unfortunately  hit hard in Aprils Earthquake.
Tsering's parents have been living under a blue tarp since the April Earthquake and are desperate for proper shelter.

To learn more about Tsering Tenzing Sherpa do a simple search with his name and Outside Magazine.

The US department of State has extended his visa to stay in the USA a year past his intended December departure. The extension is to aid Nepal victims , it is now his hope to find a job, place to live and send money to his parents to rebuild .
The reason I blog about Tsering is he is a friend , I can only aid so much and ask others if they can assist to help. He has a go fund me page, as well he is looking for a job in the Seattle area.. Posting to your Facebook pages HELPS !! a job, or direct aid will help. Email me for his cell number if needed, or if you just want to meet him and hear his story .. He is a very interesting man who will leave you thinking wow..
Go fund me :   or type in gofundme and his name Tsering Tenzing Sherpa
Help Rebuild my home in Nepal


Sorry Blogger Photo uploading is a mess at the moment .. Coming soon..
Garth Anton