Saturday, 29 October 2011


I guess it was my turn, and really, did I expect to not get malaria at all after eight months in Africa?  High fever and a lot of leg pain sent me to a clinic for a blood test. The Irish volunteer doctor there filled small zip locks with pills and gave me written instructions.  Hopefully in three days I am supposed to feel better. Then I will post more. Whites have a harder time recovering from malaria than blacks who grow up with it. I'm still in Malawi dealing with the challenge of trying to find fule at less than $1000.00 Kwatcha a litre. (That's about $6.00 US per litre/ $28.00 US per gallon.)  It's all on the black market, as the country has no forex to purchase it. No cars on the road as you might have guessed.
A better update will follow when I am feeling better!! ( with pictures)

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Night Guards and Visitors

Here's  a typical place in Zambia, except the night guard planned on sleeping so he asked me to park inside. 

A few days later, it was hot and dry  so I decided to take out the tent. It's been a while and probably about the 8th time since I arrived in Africa, as the tent has been used.

      Shortly after crawling into my sleeping bag, a herd of about twelve elephants arrived.  They walked about 15 feet from my tent. Quickly, the guards came over to do whatever they could to get the elephants to leave the area without pissing them off.  I was very aware they were right outside my tent, but I stayed hidden inside. If startled, elephants will attack, and I have already heard about a tourist who was killed this way.
      Almost as quickly as it started, it seemed like the elephants just left, but then the damn hippos came up from the river to eat the grass around my tent.
If the tent ever leaves the bike again I will set it up in a safe, paved parking lot at Costco!  

During the rain season, which is about to start, the canyon wall to the right is all water. Here at the end of the hot & dry season, the falls are still incredible, but leave little water for rafting.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Over Landers

Looking for a sweet deal? The Oppi-Koppi rest camp lets Over Landers ( travelers through Africa) camp for free! They take a photo of you to put in their scrapbook. To date, I am the only American this year to stay there. Right now, you guys must all be working, watching TV, or surfing the internet... Here in October it's the start of the rainy season ... again...