Thursday, 13 October 2011

Night Guards and Visitors

Here's  a typical place in Zambia, except the night guard planned on sleeping so he asked me to park inside. 

A few days later, it was hot and dry  so I decided to take out the tent. It's been a while and probably about the 8th time since I arrived in Africa, as the tent has been used.

      Shortly after crawling into my sleeping bag, a herd of about twelve elephants arrived.  They walked about 15 feet from my tent. Quickly, the guards came over to do whatever they could to get the elephants to leave the area without pissing them off.  I was very aware they were right outside my tent, but I stayed hidden inside. If startled, elephants will attack, and I have already heard about a tourist who was killed this way.
      Almost as quickly as it started, it seemed like the elephants just left, but then the damn hippos came up from the river to eat the grass around my tent.
If the tent ever leaves the bike again I will set it up in a safe, paved parking lot at Costco!  

During the rain season, which is about to start, the canyon wall to the right is all water. Here at the end of the hot & dry season, the falls are still incredible, but leave little water for rafting.

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  1. You better not tent it out in the wilderness again!!! I like the Costco parking lot idea a lot more ... better still, we have room here but your bike stays outside!

    Quite the experiences you are having ... some of my friends have read your blog and cannot believe it.

    We are SAFE here in Canada ... Kaylee was driving the other day and 2 moose sauntered across the road ... she was in the process of turning when we noticed them a block or two passed where we were going. Good thing we we turning.

    David is in his last 2 weeks of soccer ... then hockey starts!!

    I am starting a new job; office admin for the PG Hospice Society. Starting Oct 31.

    Glenn is doing great.

    Take care ... no more tenting stories.

    the Harneds