Saturday, 29 October 2011


I guess it was my turn, and really, did I expect to not get malaria at all after eight months in Africa?  High fever and a lot of leg pain sent me to a clinic for a blood test. The Irish volunteer doctor there filled small zip locks with pills and gave me written instructions.  Hopefully in three days I am supposed to feel better. Then I will post more. Whites have a harder time recovering from malaria than blacks who grow up with it. I'm still in Malawi dealing with the challenge of trying to find fule at less than $1000.00 Kwatcha a litre. (That's about $6.00 US per litre/ $28.00 US per gallon.)  It's all on the black market, as the country has no forex to purchase it. No cars on the road as you might have guessed.
A better update will follow when I am feeling better!! ( with pictures)

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  1. Hope this works, I've been having trouble posting a comment.

    Hope you feel better soon. We are glad to hear you have meds to take. I would send you a get well card but Somewhere-in-Malawi doesn't quite cut it.

    Take care, looking forward to your next post (with piactues)!

    the Harneds