Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Feeling better!

Local news besides my health: Fuel is still impossible to find; now it's soft drinks.
Reckless driver gets fined K70,000 ( $45.00) for killing a child;
Uganda arrests its political opposition; (so much for a fare election).
Tobacco is Malawi's mainstay, wiring in over 60% of its foreign exchange. It  is down 40% from last year to 242 million.
And the local dugout canoe winner went 5 kilometers in 39 minutes.
A safari drive in Zambia lions killed an elephant. After filling up vultures come, then at night hyenas feed.

Happy Vultures Like to Eat Elephant Butt.
The Lions that killed it are sleeping about 20 metres away.
South Malawi is home to tea plantations, tobacco, and Mt Malange. I found a porter and climbed the 3000 + meter mountain. The pictures are of men going up the mountain with saws to cut timber they take to market to sell.

In Senga Bay I met up with a couple from Oregon travelling the world on mopeds. They're taking the easy paved roads unlike the BMW.

He has my money in his hand, sure to bring a few smiles and buy some German coffee.

This guy is happy because he grows his own "Malawi Gold" to smoke.


  1. Now THAT is roadkill. Makes our raccoons and squirrels seem awfully small. Glad you're feeling better, Garth
    M and O

  2. Garth! It's Ty from Ngapi, if you still have my email hit me up. Following your page, looks like it has been hit or miss for you lately. I met up with your friend Peter a few times, small world.

  3. Hi Garth,
    We are so glad you are on skype ... great talking to you yesterday. You sounded like you were next door, not in another continent!

    I am listening to some lectures on YouTube of Dambiso Moyo author of Dead Aid. Thanks for the recommendation. It is very eye opening and lots to consider.

    Looking forward to hearing your voice again ... I think I have Elaine convinced to sign on with Skype.

    #2 sis Donna
    PS My brothers have the best sisters!