Friday, 13 May 2011

Life on the Bike

Another Wreck In The Desert

At the Port for the Day

Bringing in the Boats for the Night

Don't Grab the Diesel

Lawn Bowling? Don't know the name of this game.

Open Road
Just so you know....

Stuck in the Sand


  1. Thanks for the pics and updates!! The pic of your bike stuck in the sand is unbelievable.
    Hope you are staying hydrated .... if not you can visit Prince George where we are having nothing but rain.

    Take care,
    The Harned Clan

  2. Yea, I actually have to push it over to get it out. Then I take off the suitcases to make it as light as I can and drive while walking along side. It takes a lot of energy out of me as well as being hard on the clutch.

  3. Garth,

    Keep the photo's coming! Be Safe my friend!!!

  4. Missing you here in Seattle ...steveb.