Friday, 29 July 2011


          After 10 days I will depart Saturday morning from Cameroon to go on to Gabon. It's been cold - 70 degrees for the high every day. Glad I still have my jacket, because after the heat of the Sahara I am always cold.

         The roads that welcomed me into Cameroon were not what I had expected. The 45 mile ride took 2 days, and another day of rest when I finally saw a paved road. My workout program has now changed to picking up the bike during the day, and beers at night !

        I usually have no idea what day it is, unless its Sunday. Most people work 6 days a week with Sunday off. Saturday tends to be an early night because most attend church Sunday morning, but come the evening it's time to have some fun! I have a new friend who think I look like a robot when I have all my riding gear on. His daily prayer for me is: Lord keep Garth safe whenever he has on his robot clothes .. LOL .

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  1. Hi Garth,

    I just checked Seattle's weather; high of 27C today! Zero chance of rain.
    Not so in Prince George; it rained twice in July. Once for 20 days and once for 11 days .... grrr.

    Dad is coming to Prince tomorrow!! He is staying a week. Today it is very sunny ... we were beginning to wonder what happened to global warming. I was going to park my van and just let it run all day so I could contribute my portion of greenhouse gas.

    Looks like you are having a lot of fun ... wish we were there. I'd even help push out your bike. I cannot believe it holds up under those conditions.

    Take care and keep the posts coming!

    Love always,
    The Harneds