Wednesday, 1 May 2013


       I hope you enjoy the pictures; they probably say more than I can. I had a difficult time getting into Ethiopia. Kenya is working on the roads but it's going to be a few more years before I would make a recommendation . The road is called "The Bandit Highway." If you want details, just google it, it's in Kenya.
       After a long truck ride with the bike in the back, I stayed at a VERY NICE hotel in Nairobi, the Nomad Palace Hotel,  complete with a glass elevator, and balcony over the slums . At
$20.00 it seemed odd for such a place to be there. I found out that it is how pirates off the coast of Somalia invest their money... not wanting to support them I left the next day.
I am staying healthy , and will blog more when I have internet and not worried about the rain  coming down on me... It rains a LOT here, and drivers are coming into the place I am at and telling me to hurry before the road washes out again.. I have 80 miles to try and cover today... :)

This photo is of a Mersee woman in the Omo Valley of Ethiopia. Women start cutting their lips at the age of 14 and they remove their two lower teeth to help support the clay plate.


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  1. Garth, thanks for the email. We're back into your blog again and enjoyed your postings. Saty safe and keep in touch.
    Dick & Mary Ann