Saturday, 27 December 2014

Myanmar video

Its been a while since the last post, and visit to Myanmar, but I still have fond memories of travel thru the country with a mixed group of riders from around the world. Christian was one of the riders who made the Myanmar video . I hope you enjoy watching .
I have enjoyed Christmas in Thailand with a friend Lelo from Tanzania, and Ebin from Denmark. In a week its back to Bangkok, and soon after Cambodia.
Its been an exciting year visiting countries as Cameroon, Italy,  Turkey, Georgia,  Iran, Pakistan, India, Myanmar and Thailand.. The adventure probably was at its highest while in Pakistan, and calmest in Thailand.. Now enjoying Starbucks coffee again, I feel more at home in a rented house enjoying the holidays.

China has opened to unescorted travel and is on my GPS as a country to see. My dream is to spend some time in Seattle, & Canada, before eventually returning to the motorcycle. I am also looking at storing the BMW in Cambodia for a while and always having it ready for my next trip..
Christmas was also celebrated with a gift of TLC Tender loving care ... getting the BMW painted .. !! it looks great and seems it will be ready to do a few more miles. The bike now has 63,000 miles, and many new parts..

Thanks for all the nice emails over Christmas , its always nice to here from you.
Love garth
The Countryside of Myanmar  , Thanks Christian ....

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  1. Always good to read of your travels and to know that you are enjoying our world. I am heading to Oz to ride in a couple of weeks. Vaya con Dios!