Tuesday, 9 June 2015

el mundo safaris

Life is Good .. LG .. I have been back in the USA for 100 days.. and YES I am looking at maps again, dreaming and planning.... What's next ? well the BMW is still collecting dust in Cambodia so  until then..

A good friend Elvis Munis from Tanzania is back in Seattle staying busy with Earth Corps. Hs web site is www.elmundosafaris.com and why do I mention this .. hmmmm Well there seems to be a magnetic field pulling me back to Africa .. This time I will tour the DRC Congo by River Barge .. It will be a guided expedition with approximately 4other guests,  a cook, porters, guides, a river barge, captain, and crew to travel the mighty Congo River. The web site gives a better breakdown of the trip , so please check it out and pass it along to others to help spread the word. I usually travel solo more independent , but costs just make doing this as a group more sensible .. Getting people to stop working and start living is a challenge , but as soon as that happens look for a blog post from the DRC Congo.

SIFF Seattle International Film Festival just ended 25 days in the dark with some great films , my favorite was : The Boda Boda Thieves .. filmed in Kampala ( Uganda ) a low budget film that did a great job of showing the challenges of the youth in urban African Cities .. Check it out if looking for a break from your computers .. and a visit to Uganda .
 The Spirit of Africa .. Owuor Obi Otieno Arunga is a great Jazz trumpeter living in Seattle , preformed at One Vibe Africa helping bring support to the needs of children in his native Kenya.
 When I visited Canada I took a drive past my old high school in Regina , Martin Collegiate Institute
 5 years into retirement has been hard on me physically .. I am going to blame it on the motorcycle :( and buy a hat !! Love you Garth

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  1. I knew that you could not sit still for long...just finished the Dempster and heading towards Yellowknife via the backroad. Canada's North is worth a peek when you have time. Enjoy your trip to the Congo.