Thursday, 3 December 2015

Mekong Delta

Its been a great experience roaming the maze of rivers, waterways, islands, bridges ,  throughout the Mekong delta of Vietnam.. Boats get things done, as they move just about everything any transport truck will move.
I did leave the motorcycle in Cambodia, but can now say that travel on a motorcycle in Vietnam would have been easier than India !! Ho Chi Minh City ( Saigon ) is a busy city where I was happy to relax on the back of motorcycles rather than navigate on my own.
Deck from my hotel room .

Women seem to be in charge in Vietnam .

Buying cabbage at the floating market .

Soup for breakfast !

 Making Rice noodles .
 Water Taxi .
Can Tho , Vietnam

The waterways of the delta were very interesting. Seeing how everyone lives with so much water around them I often though about Sudan :) . Such a contrast the delta and the desert . Sudan how so many people can survive without water, and in the delta surviving with water everywhere.. I love the extremes of Sudan .. not sure why , maybe because we need water to survive and in Sudan its only the few who can.
The visit to Vietnam is not complete. I have a multipole entry visa so as I travel north in Cambodia, and Laos I plan to visit again .. Vietnamese coffee is great :) !

Many early mornings,  5 am , you will see locals in the parks exercising , followed by sleepy afternoons. Things come alive late every afternoon as the midday heat passes.
Night markets are filled with locals shopping , while drinking Ice Coffee, and even more exercising in the parks ..  


  1. You make me feel as visiting the DELTA now.thanks alot for sharing.stay safe and keep updating us.stay safe and in good health.

  2. As always, great commentary and wonderful pics. Stay safe and enjoy the ride. Merry Christmas to you, as well...