Sunday, 6 March 2011

New Horizons

"Find life experiences and swallow them whole,
travel, meet many people, go down dark alleys, and explore dead ends, exhaust yourself in the glorious pursuit of life."  ( K.Fish)

For many years I've traveled. I've journeyed through the business and construction world, building houses, and sometimes even enjoying the process. Last year, I found out something wonderful. I love to travel. After my first journey to New Zealand, I set out for Africa. Nothing could have prepared me for the affection I would feel for the people and unique places on that continent. I was out of my element and loving it!

So now, having tied up all business obligations in Seattle, I'm ready to return. This time I will explore the continent purposefully in great detail. Right now, I'm having a visit with good friends in Ontario, Canada and tomorrow morning I head out for Frankfurt, Germany. My BMW GS800 will be sitting at the airport waiting for me. After de-crating and meticulously packing, I'll be on my way. Down through western Europe, across at Gibraltar, I'll start the Africa part in the colourful country of  Morocco.

I plan to end up in Cape Town in about ten months. I hope you'll tune in and follow along as I experience the real Africa between borders.


  1. Best of luck, Garth. An ancient Egyptian blessing:

    "May God stand between you and danger in all of the dark places you must go"


  2. Hi Garth hope all is well and still enjoying your trip. Where are you now! Are you going to attempt the Saraha Desert? Send us more photos and keep in touch. Big sister E

  3. What are you,nuts? There are no Starbucks, no Microbreweries, probably no wineries, so when are you coming back to civilization?

    Dick & Mary Ann

  4. Fortunately you only lost a BMW. Imagine if it had been a a Harley! Good luck, keep posting, and sorry we missed your call. Dick & Mary Ann