Monday, 21 March 2011


Had a great birthday in Benidorm Spain. ( a tourist spot for sun seekers and golf)  Following along the mediterranion coast line,  I passed the ferries to Algeria and Tunisie. Headed towards Algeciras where Wednesday I may make the crossing into Morocco.
 Traveling with the bike is so nice. Its allowing me to see historical sites or easily find the next hotel. I am taking lots of pictures, and get a laugh out of the locals stopping me, or hanging out car windows to take pictures of my bike license plate.
If you have sent me an email, an auto : out of the office reply is returned to you. I still get the emails, and contacts listed in the auto reply are for work only.

Coast of Spain....


  1. What country is on your plate???

    Glad you enjoyed your birthday and the weather; it is snowing in Prince George. No laughing; it is no longer a joke.
    Sis #2

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  3. Did you know that if you google Garth Africa is comes up #2.
    I also set your blog on my homepage on my iPhone and it is also set to send me an alert when you update. Just saying.
    Sista #2 .... just like google

    ps Have fun in the sun

  4. Glad to hear you are having a great time. I mentioned your trip to friends at a cocktail party and all were so envious as you are living their dream and on their own bucket list. Enjoy and keep the blogs coming. Sista #1

  5. Garth,

    What about the important stuff? Have you found any “Good” Pasta in Spain or Algeciras? Might need to make a little detour to Italy before crossing to Morocco! Don’t forget to “Carb load" before Africa!!!

    As always be safe, with you in spirit my friend.


  6. Cousin Garth; please read your text's and/or emails, I need to get ahold of you A.S.A.P. PLEASE. Your Cousin Wayne from Moose Jaw. And I can't do this by blog

  7. Garth, thanks for pointing us to the blog. We'll be following you on your blog from now on. Ride safe.
    Dick & Mary Ann

  8. Tried to send you a bday wish. Good to know you're enjoying your travels.
    Try drinking more water and less beer!