Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Bermuda Triangle

Congratulations Dave, completing your BMW ride from Vancouver Island to Tierra del Fuego, and to Steve on your Harley Road  King  from Cairo, Egypt to Cape Town!! Picking up a Road King over and over again is a young man's adventur , not mine.  I know now to buy new and get the extended warranty.

About three hours from Cape Town is my Bermuda Triangle. The electronics on the bike went dead, and not long after that, the bike died. I was stranded in the African Heat. The stator and regulator got hot and burnt up. Heyneman Yamaha in Swellendam picked me and the motorcycle out of the sun and here I wait. Parts are coming soon and I should be on my way next week. I think Dave's reply to my last post put some bad jo jo on me.

In the mean time I have visited the library, bars, museums, churches, have done lots of hiking and reading.

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