Saturday, 19 January 2013

Don't bore me !

Yep, I'm blogging again about stuff or experiences away from home.  Do not expect to read about the food, or lack of ... and as Claude at Vino Bella said to my friend Elvis & I,  "Keep it short and don't bore me!"
Hindsight being what it is, I went to Bobby for a tension band workout routine before I left; to Chinook Centre CIBC for a new credit card; also visited H.D. Fowler for 5 inch PVC pipe, attaching it to the bike for extra storage; and called African Overlanders to let them know that I was on my way and no longer storing the BMW.

It seems easier to travel now than it was to reconnect after my last trip. Americans have a need for constant entertainment, and competing with TV, work schedules, movies, eating out, or the favourite "shopping",  to chat with friends over a coffee seemed a struggle at times. I also discovered from some that a six minute slide show was too much. Blog posts will be short, leaving out the never-ending answer to: "Is it safe?"

Look for this journey in Africa to be a lot faster then the 14 month West Africa trip. I am excited to see Madagascar, Ethiopia, Sudan and the Ukraine. If you look at a map, the Ukraine is a long way north of Capetown where I am now. My goal is to be in the northern hemisphere with some summer left.
South Africa is easy travelling and I will be in Durban soon. If I can get the motorcycle to Madagascar by boat, I hope to see more than a coastline of ship wrecks.

This trip will also include visiting friends, but I regret  that I will miss some friends in Mali, Burkina Faso and Ghana. The situation in Mali now is very difficult for me to talk about, and I wish I was there in some way knowing what friends are going through.

I am blessed to have friends and family that care. Please follow along and take the time to email or skype sometimes, it's always nice to here from you. 


  1. Garth So glad to hear you are on the road again. You might want to have the SA people set aside a fuel pump and perhaps an alternator for the F800. I have seen two failures of these parts in the past week down here. Sorry to be pessimistic, just saying be prepared for those parts fails. You are heading north, and in a week, I too, will have to turn around from Ushuaia (sp). Lets plan on meeting at HU in Nakusp this summer, and think about Austrailia?? Travel safely, my friend..

  2. I love reading about food! Although Carole would say, don't make people scroll.
    Enjoy your travels. Keep blogging, long or short.