Monday, 3 March 2014

Cameroon 2014

I made it !! missed a flight in Turkey, baggage delay in Yaoundé , and 6 days later I am in Bafoussam , Cameroon. The 5 hour bus ride completing the final leg of the trip quickly brought me up to speed with local culture. Loud gospel music is played in the bus while women sing along as they would any Sunday... Music was interrupted as a young man spent about three hours trying to sell passengers everything from toothpaste to green tea ..  I asked the young man how much he paid the driver to turn off the music ?? he lost  his courage to continue as passengers laughed at the question  and the music was turned back on and the singing continued.
Locals try hard to separate me from my money, ( Egypt is worse ) and an expected " duty " from the white man is part of travelling here. My friend here, negotiated my hotel room price before I arrived. When the hotel manager saw I was white he was not happy, thinking whites must pay more. Waitress's do not bring my change unless I go ask them for it, same goes for just about anything I need to buy.
Hundreds of 100cc Chinese motorcycles create the local mass transportation system as young businessman try and make a buck racing up and down the streets for the next passenger. Women as seen in the photo usually can be seen at the farmers market selling there produce or fresh cooked ... Young men are usually the ones walking the streets with bags of used cloths for sale .. my goal is to find a Super Bowl jersey from the Denver Broncos.. Seattle made sure they were all donated to Africa !! Thanks again Seahawks .
The malaria pills, mosquito nets and crazy dreams as a result,  will be short lived, as I leave for Bulgaria in 2 weeks and jump on the BMW .


    At least I hope it's your birthday.
    Have a good one.
    Karen :)

  2. Happy born day Garth! I hope you were able to enjoy it. The 21st marked the first day of spring but you wouldn't know it in Prince George. We are still getting snow.

    Glenn wants to know if you made it to the cafe location.

    Glad to hear you are safe.

    Love The Harned

  3. Happy Birthday Cuz, stay safe, Darrell